It’s official, I’m a goof, as my friend Maria pointed out in the Comments section a while back. That, and I am easily entertained. And, I crack myself up! I even included a word scramble for you to see if you see what I see. More fun than a psychological inkblot test! The puzzler, Margie


  1. Ok I figured out the words, do I get a virtual gold star, hehehe. I think the first one looks like a legless cartoon giraffe, agree on the dolphin, the third one looks like a weird bear paw print and the last one looks like a bull looking back. Fun game. XOXO

  2. I think my mom is just as goofy as you are. However, only you would see some kind of art in patches of asphalt! I got the first three, but I don’t really know what the last one is. 🙂

  3. First one is a legless donkey or llama (I know you think it’s a whale, but you don’t have donkeys and can’t be blamed), the second one is a dolphin, the bottom row, first one is the 3 toed imprint of that alien/demon/god from Lost, and the last one is a mountain billy goat looking to jump off of his rock.

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