“To spot a personal letter among one’s mail nowadays is rather like glancing out the window to spot a hummingbird dining at a blossom. A rare sight, arresting and sweet.”
(“The Widower’s Tale” by Julia Glass)

“A Lost Art”

I practice what I preach! As much as I enjoy technology which deposits the world at my fingertips, it will never, at least for me, replace the act of picking just the right card, sitting down and composing a heartfelt note, affixing a stamp to an envelope, and snail mailing it to someone. Oh, and let’s not forget stickers to add whimsy to the envelope! Wouldn’t you agree that half the fun is knowing the person on the other end is going to be pleasantly surprised to receive such a treat? Hugs, Margie

8 thoughts on “LET’S NOT LOSE IT!

  1. If I didn’t write letters frequently, I’d feel like I was cut-off. Odd, since I’m very electronically connected. But letter writing, nothing like it! And this afternoon, I received the first of two letter openers that I bought on e-bay. oooh exciting.

  2. I make my daughter write thank you notes and mail them, I keep telling her one day she will thank me for it. Nothing beats getting a hand written note in the mail.

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