I just couldn’t resist! I was early for lunch and I have never met a stationary store I didn’t like, and this one, I loved!!! Write Impressions is located on South Washington Street in Downtown Royal Oak. What made my heart go pitter patter right off the bat, was the wonderful selection of artsy fartsy doodle type journals, sketchbooks, colored pencil sets, calendars, and all around great gift ideas for all ages. Not typical by any means, these items are unique and well chosen by the owner, Lori London. I would know. I’ve visited stationary/paper/art type stores in every city I’ve ever been to. I left with two bags filled to the brim, one for me and one for others on my list of “she would go crazy for this” types. Although I was not in the market for them, they had a vast array of invitations to chose from and a large custom order area. With the holidays quickly approaching, think about popping in for a look see. You are sure to find something for someone on your list. Margie

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