1. He arrives on the scene in his jaunty Halloween neckerchief.
2. The bark park is enormous! It is a pretty, but very chilly day.
3. Sniffer working overtime.
4. Loved this playmate’s costume!
5. Alone time. Makes me think of Ferdinand the bull, but without a field of flowers.
6. Not sure whether he wants to join in, but his tail’s up!

This was Quincy’s first visit to a dog park. This one was really nice and not far off the expressway in Wixom. Since we don’t have a fenced yard or an electric fence, Quincy is always on a leash when he goes outside, so this was a nice treat. He stayed pretty close, but clearly enjoyed tearing around, sometimes with the other dogs. There were lots of dogs, but the fenced in area is huge, so it wasn’t overwhelming to him. Quincy is not an alpha male by any means, but it was good to see him romp and run free for an hour. When it was time to go, he headed back to the car, he knew the way, and even which car was ours. Doesn’t every dog owner think their dog is the cutest AND smartest? Cracks me up! Taking your dog to the bark park for the first time is like taking your child to playgroup the first time. You wonder, will he get along with others, play nice, be polite, share toys? We will visit the park regularly with our “Big Lebowski”. It’s good for him to be with his own kind. We love our Q! Margie



  1. Go Quincy, just adorable. My dog snobs everyone at the park when she has her ball. It is like she is saying “no time to talk guys, I am here to play with the ball”. But she will stop and say hi to the white poodle LuLu is very cute. Charmaine

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