Ahh, the weather in the San Diego area in October. Cool, crisp mornings and evenings, sunny and in the high 80’s during the day and bright blue skies. WAIT! Rain and no sun all week? What? Mother Nature has her knickers in a twist for sure!

It did not, however, dampen the spirits of 42 women on a mission to enjoy every moment of their week at Golden Door, since we were fortunate as all get out to be there. A true testament to our tenacity and ability to go with the flow, we hiked, danced, boxed (in and outside of it), yoga-ed, pampered ourselves silly, ate well, laughed till we cried and powered our way through the less than stellar week of weather, with nary a whimper, bonding with each other as only women can do.

They came from as far as Switzerland, London and Hawaii to experience the Golden Door magic. On my perch as observer and during interaction with my com padres, the message was loud, clear and unchanged…women need the support of other women. Period! End of Story! Well, not quite the end. Amazing creatures we are. Women can be strong as bulls, meek as lambs, vulnerable, troubled, incensed, inspired, joyful, stressed, overwhelmed, harried (Did I cover them all? Probably not!) in a matter of seconds, minutes, hours. It is what makes us special. Our ability to feel life and express our emotions, much to the chagrin of our significant others at times. This is why we bond, why we learn so much by listening to the stories of others. We are not alone. Someone somewhere is in the same boat, like waters, rough seas or calm winds as we are. It is comforting to know that. Women experience kinship in its highest form. There is nothing quite like it in my humble opinion.

As I was winging my way home, I revisited my week where I witnessed new friendships take flight, old friendships rekindle, new adventures unfold, souls mend, bodies heal, family members bond and creative spirits soar, and once again, I thank my lucky stars for the privilege to be a part of it.

And, for so many of you who hugged me extra tight at the end of the week, expressed in spoken words or took the time to pen me a note, to tell me I made a difference in your week and/or your life, (I get tears in my eyes each time I read this) I say “thank you from the bottom on my heart” for the gift of allowing me to do so. That, is what makes a difference in my life and to my ever grateful, evolving spirit.

XO, Margie

P.S. I did manage to snap a few photos in the rain and on the white space of the table in my room. The glorious sun allowed me exactly 3 minutes, okay, maybe 5, to exercise my shutter finger and zen eyes.

“Outlined with Sparkles”

“Oh the Web He Weaves”

“Parched No More”

Love the shadows against the background on these!

14 thoughts on “WOMEN ROCK!

  1. The photos at the Spa with the raindrops are lovely, Margie. You managed to find the jewels in rainy day– they shine like nature’s diamonds

  2. OK…it is a rainy, miserable day, and you have inspired me to start that journal I bought 1 year ago! Will keep you posted!

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