“After the Rain”

“Sprinkled with Diamonds”

On Wednesday, after heavy rains all day Tuesday, the early morning sun was just starting to peek through my window in such a way I was compelled to look out onto the patio. My newly purchased mum plant was aglow. The droplets of water on the petals, at certain angles, looked as though “Mum” Nature sprinkled diamond dust upon them. Maybe she wanted them to feel extra special, having survived the relentless rain the day before.                                                                                  XO, Margie

6 thoughts on ““MUM” NATURE STRIKES AGAIN!

  1. Sprinkled with diamonds is a perfect title for these pictures. You captured the raindrops to look like diamonds. I also love the swans Margie.

    • The pressure’s on now! Actually, my camera does not even have an attachable lens. It is quite small and can fit in my pocket. It takes amazing pics though doesn’t it? It has many capabilities that I have not even investigated yet. It amazes me every time I use it. XO, Margie

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