I’m talking about the Paradise Valley/Harmonie Park area in Detroit on Randolph Street. Michael and I ventured down for lunch last week to check out Detroit Seafood Company. We were pleasantly surprised on many levels. The restaurant itself is stunning with high ceilings, cozy booths and cool colors which is evident from the pictures I snapped. Having been fans of Joe Muers for so many years and still lamenting its closing, we actually felt like we may have found a viable new spot! The food was scrumptious from beginning to end. Our delightful waiter, Rasool, made some great recommendations, commenting how when he first started working there he spent more than he made eating at the restaurant he loved the food so much. They have a house-made Lemon-Basil Vinaigrette which was delicious, and both Michael and I had fish selections which were outstanding. Besides the great bar in the main restaurant, they have another lounge off to the side which is hip and hot. Pay them a visit if you are in the area. We will go back for sure!

We walked around the area after lunch. They’ve done a nice job revitalizing this section. Don’t miss stopping by The Arts League of Michigan Virgil H. Carr Cultural Arts Center and the attractive La Casa De La Habana Camancho Cigars & Martini Lounge Monday, Detroit Restaurant Week, kicks into action. Detroit Seafood Market is offering a great line-up. Visit for details. Enjoy, Margie


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