It even sounds pretty doesn’t it? Charmaine is a lovely blogger from Melbourne, Australia I met through the “Blogging Your Way” e-course I talked about. She commented on something I posted on the site and we have been e-mailing like crazy people ever since. It is so much fun to have a peek into life in Australia where kangaroos, wallabys and God knows what roams around. Charmaine is a quilter, sewer, lover of all things fabric, takes amazing photos, is a Mom to an 8 year old son, loves nature, and her beloved Melbourne. You must pay her a visit at Wish I could sit down with her right now and have a cuppa! XO, Margie

These photos were taken by Charmaine and grace her website.


  1. I love your idea about featuring another blogger, what a fun idea and great way to form some new friendships. Can’t wait to see what other great bloggers you will introduce.
    (fellow BYW classmate)

  2. I love your post idea I could certainly feel how excited you were about it. Yay to featuring a fellow Melbournian (where I am from).
    Have fun with it.
    Kylie (fellow BYW) friend.

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