“Striking Contrast”

“Froggy Stand Off!”

“Greenhouse Dusters”

“Wind Blown Glass”

Had a lovely time in North Carolina. These were taken on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate. I never know how many of the photos I take will actually make the final “Zen Eyes” cut. Instinctively, I have a pretty good idea, but until I see them up close and personal, I can’t be sure. I came away with quite a few I am thrilled to report. However, I will dole them out a little at a time to keep you coming back for more. Nothing like anticipation! Seriously look for the two little frogs in the second picture. I didn’t see them quite honestly until I downloaded my pictures. I just loved the color and textures of that one. Then, I saw one and flipped, and then saw the second one! Nature is full of surprises.

As nice as it is to visit other spots in this great country of ours, I am always ready to head back to the place I love best, hence why this Haiku came to mind:

The fact still remains/No matter where I may roam/There’s no place like home

Missed being here, Margie

6 thoughts on “BILTMORE BEAUTIES!

    • Haha! The Biltmore Estate and grounds which occupy 8,000 plus acres is crazy, over-the-top indulgence at its best, or shall I say worst. But alas, it draws gazillions of visitors. I truly was more interested in the grounds, which are spectacular. XO

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