Okay, so it was a productive day all in all. Last night Michael and I moved mountains (no exaggeration) of items for donation to our lower level porch for pick-up this morning. I had made special arrangements figuring we were above the threshold of bags/boxes allowed. Anywho, he came about 11:30, didn’t have a helper, gasped when he saw the mountain, and asked if I could help him carry stuff across the lawn to his truck parked on the street. Nice enough guy, very polite, so I did.

Then off to do a couple of quick errands, pick-up my new Blackberry phone (yay), then go off with my camera to capture a few “goodies” to post. Two hours later (one computer down, slammed with customers) I leave the store. Decide it is too cloudy AND I have tech overload at this point, so I head home. I park myself in front of my computer, hoping to link Twitter to my blog. Well, I struggled with THAT for over an hour, and it still is not linked. (Maybe it was the tech overload!) Fear not, it will be soon as I don’t give up that easily. I am on a mission to have everything in sync before I leave on Sunday for North Carolina. Did I mention I didn’t go to sleep until 3 a.m. last night? Yup, so this is all you get from me today. Ah, but tomorrow is a brand new day. Maybe I will accomplish what I didn’t get to today. You know the saying, “the best laid plans”. Deep breath before sleep, Margie

“Any damned fool can write a plan. It’s the execution that gets you all screwed up.” (James F. Hollingsworth)


  1. Coming to the end of my work day. Thought I would take a peek. You are very clever wih the technical stuff. Just sticking to texting on the mobile, blogging for now. Too many things on my to do list to master twitter and a blackberry and to get them in sync. Hope it works out for you. Shame no photo!

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