One of my favorite magazines, beside ones previously mentioned, is (big surprise!) another Stampington & Company publication, “Where Women Create”. It is so much fun getting to see the studios and workspaces of many high profile artists, like Mary Engelbreit, but “regular” artists and craft divas from all over the world are featured as well. So, since the weather has really not cooperated (quite gray for sometime) and the flower subject matter around town has seen better days, AND, i am having camera withdrawals, I decided to post photos from my haiku room and where I blog like a maniac and run out photos on my beloved Epson Artisan 50 printer.

This room is at roof top level and looks over my corner of the world. How lucky am I to be surrounded by such beauty and that’s not counting the handmade papers I get lost in!

Ah, special photos and just a handful of my artsy fartsy book collection.

The room is octagon shaped so this is two of six windows I get to look out of.

Directly over my drafting table.

Just some of many paper scraps begging to be chosen!

Where I post and run photos.

Thanks for visiting! XO, Margie

29 thoughts on “WHERE I CREATE

  1. The view over your drafting table is beautiful and keeps you connected with nature! And that’s the secret of your lovely ‘creations’.

    Have a lovely day!

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  3. Wowsers MM, how is it that I’ve only just found this?!?
    What a clever bean you are to have not only snaffled this glorious space but made it into such a fabulous creative hub [I actually mistyped that then and had ‘hug’…quite apt me thinks!].

    I’m so pleased you’ve shared this as I now have a clear image of you scooting around this space busy, busy, busy. If I was less verbose I’d have actually said ‘Snap!’ to TesWisGirl’s comment.

    Happy day Lovely!
    xx F

    • Better late than never, LOL! The octagon room is such a neat spot. However, I am in the process of moving all my artsy fartsy stuff to my son’s vacated bedroom which is quite large with a great closet that will hold lots and it is going to be my new creative spot. Stay tuned! My paper racks follow me wherever I go! Aren’t they scrumptious? Check out “No Excuses Now” under artsy fartsy F. More stuff! And now, that is all going to join my drafting table and paper racks up to Spot C (son’s bedroom). Didn’t feel the vibe in the lower level, even with plenty of windows. Gotta feel the vibe and my creative mojo humming.

  4. It’s always fun seeing where talented people ‘create.’ Thanks for taking us on a tour of yours!

    (Mary Engelbreit is one of my fav’rite artists!!) 🙂

    I’ve subscribed to your blog and look forward to returning to visit again soon.

  5. But this wasn’t the room you were in when we spoke… at least it looked more underground….! Hope you had a good weekend

  6. Tidy, so tidy. My studio is a mess! My sewing machine is by the window, my collage area tucked against a wall, my ironing board by another wall, of a tiny space, but I love having a space of my own. You have a lovely view.

  7. Hi Margie,
    Lucky you – beautiful room I love it and beautiful views too. I have a lovely little studio too – but – no windows ; ( would love to have even one of your 8!!!!

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