I think you realize by now that I am addicted to Stampington and Company publications. They fuel and inspire me to take my blog, photographs, art, haiku and writing to another level. I read “Artful Blogging” and “Art Journaling” cover to cover, as I am sure I have said before. Although I enjoy and wallow in each and every article, certain ones speak to me more than others, give me a tip that is priceless, answers one or several of my many questions about sharing my humble talents with the universe, or happens to be exactly what floats my boat at this particular time in my creative life. When that happens, I take the time to send an e-mail, almost immediately, even before I check out their blogs or websites, to thank them and tell them how much their words and/or art have touched me. I can’t imagine how cool and rewarding it must be to be featured in one of these magazines, especially in light of the overwhelmingly infinite pool of talent out there. I e-mailed a few artists just before I left for northern Michigan, and heard back from most of them already. The engaging and talented artists left comments on my blog. One of the highlights of blogging is the sense of community it brings. I have only touched the tip of the iceberg and am trying to reach out to others in this vast community of talent. I know I have thanked my loyal blog followers for checking in often, some of you daily, and hope you realize how much it means to me to have you on board during this very special journey. It wouldn’t be the same without you. For a blog to be genuine, you have to be true to yourself and your blog should reflect that. I believe mine does. It needs to be a spot for you to check in, get inspired, uplifted, chuckle, reflect, or just smile. If it does that, I can’t ask for more. Grateful to all, Margie

P.S. It was raining cats and dogs up north today and was suppose to pour all day tomorrow, so WE’RE BACK! Didn’t even get a chance to be one with my camera! DRAT!

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