I read a Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich. I don’t know how she keeps going with the same main characters, but she does! These are really the only light, humorous novels I tend to enjoy. I can’t resist. They have never been made into a movie, but it is fun to think about who would play the parts. In my mind, I see Marisa Tomei as Stephanie, Queen Latifah as Lula, Estelle Getty (I think she died though) as Grandma and Danny DeVito as Vinny. I’m not sure about Ranger and Morelli. Who do you think for those two? I could see Owen Wilson as Mooner when he is in the story. What about Connie, and Stephanie’s parents? I await your two cents just for the fun of it. They crack me up, Margie

2 thoughts on “I SMILE THE ENTIRE TIME…

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