My reading tastes have evolved as I have over the years. These days, I devour character driven novels which don’t have to end happily ever after. Well done, realistic endings work for me. I know it was a good one when I don’t want it to end or think about the character long after the last page is turned. If it moves me to tears or makes me laugh out loud, it’s an added bonus. I just finished “Stone Garden” by Molly Moynahan. I enjoyed it so much I ran right out to find another by her since this one was published in 2004 and I figured she would have another one to snatch off the shelves. I came up empty handed. Drat! Oh well, there are many more I am interested in reading. I know reading is personal, like art. What one person loves, another one doesn’t. That being said, if you try one I suggest on my blog and you like it, let me know as I have many more I can highly recommend. I’ve posted entries under “excerpts that speak to me from books I’ve read“. If they make it this far, they are noteworthy for sure. I usually read a book a week, but honestly, I have been so involved in being one with my camera, I’m a little behind in the reading department. That’s okay. Before I know it, the days will shorten, less time will be spent outside, and I will turn inward to nurture another part of my spirit. Always something to look forward to. Margie

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