Some of you know I make cards out of my Haiku and sell them exclusively at Golden Door Spa in California. No two cards are alike as I rip and tear handmade specialty papers to create each one. Recently, I had to make cards to send out to the spa, and thought I would try to scan a couple to see how they would show up on my blog. There is a whole story about discovering this gift and how I ended up having them in the boutique at Golden Door. I will post about that at some point. My first trip there as a guest 11 years ago was life-altering and a story in itself. I don’t think scanning does them justice, as they are so vibrant with color and texture in person. Photos don’t work much better for some reason. Hmmmm, maybe I need to photograph them against a black background or something. Anyhoo, you get the idea. Hugs, Margie

2 thoughts on “MY “HAIKU TO YOU” CARDS

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