The bright light wakes me/As the thunder crescendos/Ah, a summer storm

I lie in my bed/As the storm passes over/The dog at my back

Mother Nature’s bath/For an Earth needing moisture/From the intense sun

There’s nothing better/Than the fresh smell of the Earth/After summer rains

The dog leaves the room/As he senses the storms’ end/Funny how he knows

As I go outside/To take in the fresh new day/My body feels light

A rain can do that/It washes away the past/And all starts anew

I whisper my thanks/To an Earth I love deeply/And pray for its life

We must respect Earth/And it’s much-needed balance/For it to survive

So much damage done/One can only hope it lives/And calls on its strength

I pray it succeeds/Despite man’s blatant abuse/But worry it won’t

May our oceans heal/One can only hope they do/A pipe dream at best

What are they thinking?/Accosting our resources/For futures to come

Ah, but they DON’T think/And herein lies the problem/Our Earth pays the price

As does its people/When the eco systems die/Little by little

Lives so affected/In ways too many to count/How to recover

Sometimes you just can’t/Which makes me mad to my core/Enough is enough!

May our precious Earth/Forgive the sins of humans/I’m not sure I would

But it must rise up/Against the violations/As best as it can

It must be so tired/From righting so many wrongs/Stay strong Mother Earth!

With great respect and admiration, Margie

(What started as a Haiku about summer storms, morphed into much more)

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