I haven’t done much with a camera for years. When my kids were young, I took all their photos never once opting for a professional sitting. I was always pleased with the outcome. In fact, friends loved them so much, I took pictures of their kids and family when we were together. Come to think of it, I even shot photos of a young lady in Harbor Springs that she used for her graduation pictures. One year I was asked to be the photographer for the Auction Book for Detroit Country Day which proved to be an interesting undertaking.The photos were candid, relaxed and the kudos flew. I even went so far as to name my little foray “Through My Eyes”. As I think back, I always had a knack. Just recently, with the arrival of spring, I have been launched into the photography mode again. I am quite pleased about that. It just happened. Nothing I thought about doing. For me, it’s one more way to be creative and nurture my soul. Hmmm, very interesting how these things sneak up on you. Margie

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