I guess I am just an eat, drink and be merry type of gal! Consequently, I have another gem of a place for you to check out. Vince’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria on Springwells in Detroit. It has been in business for 50 years and still going strong.  A blast from the past with old school decor and great food at good prices. Michael is an expert on chicken marsala and tries it everywhere he goes. Hands down the best he has ever had with wafer thin, melt in your mouth pieces of chicken in a superb marsala sauce. I agree with him as I have tried a bite of his. I am always torn between the other offerings! We have not tried the pizza yet, but have seen several being delivered to other tables and it looks scrumptious. The bread they serve is to die for, which leads me to believe the pizza crust is too! Nice little house wine selection. They take reservations. Another place pal Gary has been frequenting for 40 years! One of these days I’ll find one he hasn’t discovered yet! Probably not! Heading to the kitchen, Margie

Card enlarged for my visually challenged pals without their cheaters!

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