Instead of talking about potato chips, I should be focused on getting my buttski out and walking every day. I need to add chips to my daily dietary needs like a hole in my head, even if they are the lower in fat variety! I used to walk 3 1/2 miles every day without fail. I haven’t gone on a walk since I was in New York in May! The reality is, at 54, not only must I do some form of cardio daily, I must watch what I eat. I’m 6 foot tall so I can hide a lot. But I know where it’s hiding! So, I thought if I posted the fact that I am making excuses for not hitting the trail every day and for not cutting back on portions and my beloved red wine, I might feel compelled to get on the straight and narrow. Alrighty then, I ‘ve put it out here for all to see…I mean read! Yeesch, Margie

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