I had breakfast with my long-lost pal yesterday. Amy is a “mad scientist” who works in a lab at Wayne State, figuring out ways to battle infections that invade our bodies. Go Amy! ONE of the many things I enjoy about her is the fact she does everything she can to embrace the City of Detroit. She volunteers at the Soup Kitchen each week, pays attention to new venues for food and fun, and runs with a group of like-minded fitness nuts around the city’s streets after work. She hysterically named this little group, “Run for Your Life Detroit”.

Amy took me to a funky little place called “Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes”. With a name like that, I knew I would have to do a post about it. They have over 50 crepe selections with the savory variety called “Left Bank” and the sweet variety, “Right Bank”. Cute and Clever. These are not your typical crepes. They make them large, fill with ingredients, and fold them into a triangle shape that takes up an entire plate. You could easily share one. The problem will be deciding which one! It might be a fun little stop after going to the theatre, museum or a concert, to grab dessert. There is no waitress service. You order and they bring it to your table. They also serve top-notch cafe coffee beverages. Visit their website at http://goodgirlsgotopariscrepes.com/. Merci, Margie

2 thoughts on “OOH LA LA!

  1. Hi Margie, I enjoyed reading your blog about the crepes, not only because I learned about a great place to stop in Detroit but also reading about your friend Amy that works at the lab in Wayne State. I also work at a lab in an office from Wayne State (University Physicians Group). She seems to be a fun person to spend time with. I have been thinking about volunteering, and I admire her for doing so, especially when our lives are so full of activities. Does she also live in Detroit?
    Sometimes I wish I knew more about the city, it has a lot of interesting places to go and enjoy.

    Hope you finish having a great weekend!

    • Amy lives in Pleasant Ridge, which is such a wonderful little community with wide, tree lined boulevards and amazing older homes. I LOVE it! I’m so glad you take the time to leave comments Pat!

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