Betsy was always a good driver, not afraid of commanding the road since her permit days.  I love that about her. Forgive me if I say most women drive pretty tentatively. I am not a wimp on the road either, so maybe she is a chip off the old block. It is fun to think she is!  So picture this. Betsy moved to New York almost one year ago. She has relied on her two feet and the subways since then for her transportation. She just took on a roommate who lives in Manhattan. To make a long story short, unexpectedly, she ended up helping her soon to be new roomie move. She called me from a U-Haul truck sitting in a spot in Manhattan this weekend and asked me to guess what she was doing. She was waiting while Ashley was picking up a headboard she had acquired for her new digs. She commandeered that truck between Manhattan and Brooklyn and places in between, picking up Ashley’s must haves, before reaching their final destination, not even flinching through NYC traffic. I love a gutsy broad. And that she is. Always has been. XO, Betsy’s Momma

2 thoughts on “MY DAUGHTER ROCKS!

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