Several weeks ago, Michael and I decided to check out a Colored Pencil Society of America Exhibition at Lotus Gallery in Plymouth. I’ve always loved colored pencil renderings. I have great respect for those that have mastered this medium. I sauntered around, taking in the magnificent display of talent, rounded one of the corners, and ran smack dab into this one! A terrier, just like Quincy! This artist captured the personality of a terrier like I have never seen, and in colored pencil no less, using amazing, unexpected colors. And wouldn’t you know it, the dreaded NFS sign was posted next to it. Drat! I was determined, nonetheless, to track down this artist no matter what, and let her know how much I loved it. I wondered if she would consider parting with it if it went to a good home?

It turned out the artist, Marilyn Gorman, was local, lived in Birmingham and taught classes at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center! I thought her name sounded familiar! I called her, we chatted, and the rest is history. Her drawing entitled “Good Dog” now hangs in a coveted spot in my home. An early birthday present from Michael.Besides teaching at the BBAC, Marilyn is an art facilitator at Gilda’s Club in Royal Oak. She told me she started this drawing there as a demonstration and allowed them to decide whether she would draw this with realistic terrier colors or use fun colors. So glad they opted for the latter! The detail is extraordinary. I don’t think you really get the full impact not seeing it in person, but I guess this will have to do. Marilyn specializes in commissioned portraits in colored pencil, graphite, pastel and oils. I was able to see some of them in her home studio when I went to pick up “Good Dog”. Amazing! You can reach her at Gorman1@ix.netcom.com. Happy Friday, Margie

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