Michael and I went out to lunch today with pal Rox and her husband. Leave it to Gary to come up with some old school restaurant he has been going to for forty years which we don’t know about. They are always the best too. This was no exception. We went to Moro’s Restaurant located at 6535 Allen Road, Allen Park. (313-382-7152) Small, cozy and dark with white table linens. Extensive menu focused on Italian, but has a few other specialties thrown in. Nice house wines by the glass. Besides the amount of time it has been around, the reason it fits into my “Blasts from the Past” category, is at the end of each meal, they bring out a big bowl of fruit (apples, oranges) along with whole walnuts and a nut cracker. When was the last time you cracked open your own nut? I remember them when I was a kid. Everyone had them then. Only my European friends still use a nut cracker and those little pick things. After cracking open a few of those babies, Rox said, “I would never ask anyone to crack their own nuts at our house“. Hysterical! I knew that comment was going in a post for sure. It beats going to loud, crowded, overpriced spots with mediocre food any day of the week. They don’t have a website (big surprise), but if you google their name, you will get directions and see some reviews. I thought it was a great find, be it forty plus years late. Oh well, better late than never right? Satisfied, Margie

5 thoughts on “LUNCH WAS GREAT!

  1. You are absolutely right … your European friends still use nut crackers. I’d rather crack open the whole nut and eat the contents fresh out of the cover than buying the “naked” nuts from which I am not sure who touched them before me. So I “cracked” up reading your comments and must make myself a note to check out that place. Thanks to you for all the recommendations. Love, Gabi

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