I never would have dreamed that I would be traveling back and forth to New York like it was my job. Let your Daughter move there to pursue her passion for fashion, and away you go. It has charmed the pants off me! Had a magnificent time with Betsy this weekend. She surprised me with tickets to see Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre. Such talent, what a production! I am always in awe of set design and costuming. Forget about the acting talent! What a treat! We explored the Lower East Side this visit. It has a funky vibe and is filled with many boutiques, shops and cafes where you wouldn’t think there would be any. Very surprising. We walked at least a hundred miles. It amazes me how you start off in one area and end up turning this corner and that corner, and before you know it, you are in Soho, Greenwich, or Chelsea!  Slowly but surely, I am getting more and more familiar with Manhattan and love all it has to offer on so many levels. We ate, drank and were merry the entire time.

However, my heart belongs to Brooklyn and the area where Betsy lives, just a couple of blocks from the Graham stop. First and foremost, it is a neighborhood. Mom and Pop stores brimming with flowers, fresh fruit and veggies are on every other corner. Little old men shuffle to and fro and camp out on chairs outside drinking their espresso, even if it’s from the local pizzeria! Ethnic food, cafes, bakeries, you name it are in abundance. On Mother’s Day, as we walked around town and to the subway, it absolutely touched me to my core to see people, young, old and in between, from every walk of life, of every nationality, buying and carrying big bouquets of fresh, colorful flowers for their special someone they call Mother. I especially got a kick out of seeing the guys whose appearances belie the fact they would ever consider toting flowers through the streets of their hood, doing just that. It just goes to show you how looks can be deceiving, and there is no other place I can think of where that theory proves to be more accurate, than on the streets and subways of New York. For that reason, and a myriad of others, I have decided to start posting about my visits and share thoughts about New York from my humble perspective. Thanks Bets for choosing such a fun, exciting and life altering city to live in for this part of your journey, and taking your Mom along! XO, Margie

14 thoughts on “NO PLACE LIKE NEW YORK!

  1. Thanks for bringing back lots of memories. You and your daughter should be in more pictures! My boys were born in NYC, and we lived in East Harlem for 18 years. I miss the excitement and museums but not the congestion. Please tell us more about Betsy’s pursuit of fashion.
    See you tomorrow, Marcia

  2. I really like the picture. You both look very beautiful.Your daughter looks like mine….they are pretty much in the same stage. She will be going to Central U. next August.

  3. It is a joy reading your impressions of a big city (in addition being with Betsy). It makes me nostalgic and I also want to experience this – right now.
    Now you know why I love Washington, DC or any other big city. I am glad you have the opportunity to inhale and absorb the Big Apple. XO!

  4. Your blog is beautiful, just as I knew it would be, Margie! And I enjoyed reading this piece again — thanks for sharing it in class with us. Your love and excitement for your daughter are sparking through every word!

  5. How fun, and the visual was great of all the little places you visited! Way to go Betsy! What a wonderful experience and on Mother’s Day weekend to boot! Hugs D

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