I signed up for “Getting Personal: Writing Memoirs & Personal Essays” at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, taught by Cindy LaFerle. Tonight was the first class of three. There are four other women in the class besides me. Quite an intimate setting, and the first class proved to be quite interesting. We shared why each of us chose to take the class in the first place. We were given a short period of time to write about a subject of our choice. We then read our pieces out loud and had fun talking about our initial attempts. Cindy provided positive feedback on each of our stories as well. We are to complete them before our next class at which time we will read them out loud once again. I cannot tell you how impressive and interesting the stories by my classmates were. It is clear we each have a different style of writing. I felt for it being the first night, we all managed to connect and feel quite comfortable interacting with each other. I know I must remain true to myself and write from my heart as I always have. I look forward to learning new ways of expressing myself. There are always endless possibilities and ways to grow no matter our age. May we continue to take time out from our everyday lives to do something fun, creative, and just for us. Margie


  1. This particular class truly IS special. Sometimes the “chemistry” between the participants is strong, and I believe that’s true of this one at the BBAC.

    I’ve been leading these workshops for years, in various venues, and am always amazed at how different the tone can be in each one, depending on the students. Your contributions are warm and helpful, Margie — thank you for the warmth, unity and sense of fun you bring to the group!

    • I can’t tell you how happy I am I decided to take your class! Too bad we have just one more. ) :
      Can’t wait to get lost in YOUR blog and your book of short stories. You are a peach of a teach!

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