And joined the neighborhood garage sale! I came to my senses in time before the map was drawn up. I’ve had a couple of garage sales in the past. They were always more trouble than they were worth. It’s a ton of work to do it right and I found the return never made it worth my time. I have so many things that are in perfect condition and are in need of good homes. So, I decided to post certain items on Craig’s List, which is actually working out well. Then, I found a little consignment shop in Waterford, Treasure House on Cooley Lake Road, that has been in business for nine years and welcomes household items, silk flowers, plant stands, small pieces of furniture, etc.  as well as women’s clothing and jewelry. The owners are fun and they were thrilled to sort through my cache. The way I look at it is 50% of something is better than 50% of nothing. I took my second car load today. I have plenty more to take to them, but since they are seasonal, some items will have to wait until the fall and the holidays. The rest I will donate to the Vietnam Vets who run an efficient organization for the pick up of items. They always come when they say they will and they handle your donations with care. I highly recommend using them. You can go online and schedule a pick up date, or call them. Back to the piles, Margie

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