In October, 2009, while on my way back from my yearly trip to Golden Door, I happened to be seated next to a remarkable woman, in her thirties, who was on her way back from a work related conference. As luck, or maybe fate would have it, we hit it off and by the time the plane landed, four hours later, we had talked of life, love, books, and haiku. She said she never talked to people on planes. I was glad she made an exception to the rule. She hugged me goodbye and I told her I would e-mail her soon. Since that time, we have keep in touch regularly and even met for brunch. I would e-mail her randomly during the week and like clockwork, I would find an e-mail from her in my inbox just about every Sunday morning. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed receiving them. This woman is well educated, bright, funny, reflective, a wordsmith and has a voice like honey. It was not long ago that the tenure of her e-mails changed just slightly and eventually ended. I sent her cards and thoughts, hoping she was alright. In my heart, I knew something traumatic had happened in her life. Finally, after sending her a text just yesterday asking her to give me a “peep” so I know she was okay, this morning, I woke to a text from her that said she was filled with sadness and stress and it would be a while until she was her old self. I responded simply and will wait patiently for her to come back into my life. She is a special lady. I do not know what happened. Maybe she will tell me someday, maybe not. It does not matter. I only wish her well. With healing thoughts, Margie

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