This is Kaitlyn. She is 3 years old and the adorable daughter of Lissa. I babysat for her today. You know what makes this extra special for me, besides the fact that I am never around little ones anymore? Lissa was Paul and Betsy’s number one sitter in Harbor Springs where we spent every spare moment while they were growing up. It just so happens Lissa and her family moved into the neighborhood right behind me and it wasn’t until she was strolling by my house, that we realized we are neighbors! Now, I have the privilege of watching her little girl like she used to watch mine. We went to the park, sang songs, read stories, played with dollys and Kaitlyn dressed up as a Princess. If she is not dressed as a Princess, she is usually in leotards and a tutu, oh, and let’s not forget toe shoes! She does not like to wear socks. The second we got back from the park, off came her shoes and her socks! I got her to wear her hat backwards at the park. Betsy used to wear it that way when she was little. I had to pull from memory, all the songs I used to sing to my kids. When they came back to me, I sang for an hour, non-stop! She kept saying she wanted another one. I was hoarse when I left, tired too. That’s why you have children when you are young! What fun!

I wrote a special Haiku for my dear friend Carolyn, the Texas Queen, when she became a Grandmother. It was based on a picture she sent me of her Granddaughter, Meckensie who, big surprise, was dressed as a Princess, laughing with a cookie in her hand. Here is it.

Remember the time/We approached each day with glee?/Why not try to now?

For just a moment/Focus on wonderful you/I know I try to!

It’s time to begin/To embrace our many gifts/Each and every day

Meckenzie’s sweet face/Says it all without a word/Oh, to feel such joy

Play dress up today!/Find the little girl in you/Treat her with kindness

We were all there once/Laughing with great abandon/Go eat a cookie!

Here’s to embracing the child in all of us, Margie


  1. Awwww how cute.Good for you! It’s neat to re-connect with someone special from the past. Enjoy! Loved the Haiku. Hugs D

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