Had Kate not been axed last night, (Rox texted me as I don’t watch the show on Tuesdays) I might have given up on this season of DWTS.  I have so much fun texting with Rox, it would have been hard to quit watching just because of that. So, I guess it was a sign and I’ll hang in to the bitter end! I still don’t feel like dancing somewhere right now however! Maybe with Kate taking a hike, my dancing feet will return. Margie

I hope mine come back soon!

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2 thoughts on “OKAY, I MIGHT HANG IN THERE

  1. I’m hanging in! In as much as I am estatic that Kate was eliminated, I will say she handled it very graciously. Doesn’t mean I like her, but for a brief moment she did exhibit a little (very little) class. Until next week……..

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