I am wallowing in the quiet of my house. I love when it is still with no noise other than the sounds of Spring wafting through the windows. Okay, and occasionally Quincy’s bark permeating the air. I crave silence. I believe most women do. My days have been spent moving furniture around (I LOVE to do this), sprucing up and rearranging paintings on my walls, pictures on my tables, clothes in my closet. I am continuing my quest to weed out “stuff”. Find things new homes. Simplify my life. Hmmmm, I think that comes along with Spring, but more importantly, it comes from being at an age and point in my life when living peacefully, simply, gracefully matters, and is something I continue to work towards. It is an ongoing process. I am determined to stay the course! My evenings are being spent with my girlfriends, grabbing dinner and drinks, catching up. When I come home to my quiet house, I sit and read, have a cup of tea, then head to bed with the windows wide open, and the sounds of the night rock me to sleep.

It is heaven, Margie

7 thoughts on “AHHH, AT HOME ALONE

  1. Wish I were part of the ‘quiet’ festivities. As you know, I have the opposite…ugh! Just finished Eternal on the Water. Thank you so much for recommending it…my favorite in a long time. And the caard, what can I say??? Simply the best. Am I on the right or the left??!!

    • Oh man, wasn’t that a great book???? Wow. Like I said, goes down as one of my all time favorites. I think I will do a post about it actually. I’m not sure, they are both pretty cute! XO

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