The only good thing about tonight’s show was that Rox is back in town and I could text her during this lackluster evening. As far as I am concerned, the story telling idea and now this split scoring business failed miserably. I have no attachment to this group at all. In seasons past, I always had one or two couples I could root for and genuinely enjoyed the groups as a whole. I won’t be dancing anywhere tonight! Disappointed, Margie

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2 thoughts on “DANCING SCHMANCING!

  1. What has happened to this show? I use to look forward to Monday nights and now it is so painful. Yes, there are some good dancers (Evan, Nicole, and Pam was even pretty good last night), but it feels so “staged”. And, please, voters, get rid of Kate. I can see why Jon left her – I’ve never heard so much whining about one’s life!

    The only other thing I will say is, “Get rid of the technical scoring!” I think this has made all the stars nervous and has changed the whole complexion of the competition.

    I don’t want to sound like a whiner, so I’m out of here (for now)………

    Looking forward to next week, Margie!

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