I swear it multiplies when we aren’t looking! I spent a good portion of the day going through closets, drawers, etc. and boxing things. Some for a neighborhood garage sale May 1st (decided this was the year I would join in), some boxed for keepsakes, and the rest for the trash. Yeesch, I hardly made a dent. I know I cannot be alone in this endeavor. Everyone I mention paring down to, always jumps on the bandwagon and agrees, we have too much stuff. As I have stated, through Haiku poetry no less, I am on a mission to get back to the basics, pare down, quit accumulating, simplify life. Well, I guess this goes with the territory. I have to start somewhere. It is spring! Maybe this is like spring cleaning only it involves more than washing down walls and shit. On a bright note, hasn’t the weather been a gift? It is tuff to beat Michigan in the spring…gorgeous! So, let me know if you are on any kind of spring mission. Am I alone in this uphill battle of paring down? I’m pooped and looking forward to watching DWTS, a total escape from the reality of overflowing closets and drawers! To make matters worse, ask anyone, I’m an organized sort! My heart goes out to you pack rat types! Margie

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