I usually don’t watch on Tuesdays and tonight will be no exception as I have a make-up art class. I hope to come home to a full report on who got the axe and what went on. Thanks all! Margie

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  1. Well, I had to cool off before responding to the elimination round this week. Jeez, Louise! What’s going on???? Clearly, Kate G. should have been booted off before Shannon (and I don’t really care for her). And as for Buzz, I know he’s a hero and a very patriotic person – but SO AM I (a patriotic person, that is)!!!! We’re not judging patriotism – we’re judging dancing! Perhaps, Voters, if Buzz had “danced” on the moon, then maybe he should get to stay longer. But since he didn’t, I think we need to focus on what this show is about and make sure the best dancer is awared that mirrorball trophy!!!!!

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