And a lot safer too! Let me start by saying I know how tuff it must be to compete on this show. The word grueling comes to mind actually. I would fall off my heels and break my ankle in the first practice! Pal Rox on the other hand, would kill to be on the show and would handle heels like a pro! Here’s my two, maybe ten cents about last night. Could not believe all the drama! Way more than typical. Hope this does not turn into a show with drama scripted in. SOME drama keeps it interesting and goes with the territory. I thought Len’s scolding of the celebrities about listening to the pros and keeping their mouths shut was in order. I’ve never seen so many pros this upset! Alrighty then……

Shannon – No warm and fuzzies for her. Really like Mark Ballas. Cute routine. She did okay. Won’t last. Can’t image she has a big fan base.

Aiden – Still don’t like him. Never seen Edyta upset. She doesn’t like him either. I would send him packing.

Evyan – He’s sweet and gracious, has potential. She’s a B! No chemistry.

Niecy – Hysterical, makes me laugh out loud. Didn’t look one bit nervous out there, just looks like she is having a blast. Glad she is with Louie. He will handle her as she IS a handful. Has staying power. Will probably be in top three.

Jake – He and Chelsey are super cute together. Did a fun jive. Loved their outfits. Didn’t watch the bachelor so I don’t know anything about him previously.

Buzz – Charming old geezer, but needs to go. His wife scares me! She should get her money back for sure!

Nicole – Wow! She and Derek rock. Tuff song to do the jive to, but Derek is the best choreographer on the show. Amazing really. Sometimes he can be cocky and immature. Right now, I don’t see anyone who could beat them on ability alone, but the audience plays such a huge part in this. I don’t have a feel for how big a fan base she has, nor him with the middle to older age viewer. Plus, Len has a bee in his bonnet about them. Not justified.

Erin – I’m not a big Max fan. She did a nice job. Both have very strong personalities. Might result in fist fight before season ends.

Pamela – Hmmmmm. She actually did a good job. Handled herself quite well in post interview. Still a bit skeptical. The Judges love her. Everyone wonders what she will do next. I was surprised after last week. Will see. She is obviously not trying to hide who she is or be something she is not. I’ll give her that.

Chad – So handsome, killer smile, but needs to take the whole thing more seriously. What is it with Cheryl and getting involved with her partners? Maybe it’s part of her schtick. Seems Brooke likes to dish a bit about that sort of thing in post interviews too.

Kate – Two left feet and a nervous wreck. Has to go. I was embarrassed for her she did so poorly. Never seen Tony lose his cool either. I think she was arguing for the sake of arguing.

Get your two cents in! Let me know what you think. No matter what, check the Comments section as Rox will definitely be posting. Now, I am going to dance back to bed as it is about 4:00 a.m. Woke up, wide awake, so I thought I would do this! Either that, or I will dance into the kitchen to get a cup of tea and read for awhile. XO, Margie

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  1. Well, I couldn’t have said it better if I tried. I think Kate and Buzz have got to be the first to go. Although, they said if there had been an elimination after the first dance, there would have been an upset. That’s the only thing that disappoints me – people staying in the competition who clearly cannot dance, but the fans keep them in.

    I actually like the “new” Max. Didn’t seem nearly as “cocky” – at least last night. And I do believe they have a shot.

    While I thought Pam Anderson was actually pretty good, I can’t stand watching her. So phony! And what was with Chad (darling as he may be) – he seemed really annoyed with the judges comments. Suck it up and be a competitor – isn’t that what athletes do??????

    The ones I think should make it to the finals are:
    -Nicole and Derek (of course)
    -Maks and Erin
    -Louie and Neicy
    -Anna (even though I’m not liking her this season) and -Evyan

    Would love to see Mark Ballis win, but he doesn’t have a chance with Shannon.

    Be sure to watch tonight – could be a real nail biter!!!!!

  2. I swear, they put all the drama in there because drama got the Big ratings on the bachelor. Ugh. Jake is putrid. Kate needs to go home with Buzz. They will push (if necessary) Pam to take her act over the top. So duh!

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