WOO HOO! That is sooooo exciting! I wish I knew who everyone was. I know who some of you are, but holy cow, that’s amazing! I can’t thank you enough for checking in. Please continue to do so.  Don’t hesitate to comment, touch base, get your two cents in, build on my thoughts by adding a comment.  I welcome it and say to you that it would be a dream come true if my blog became a place where women could touch base, grab a dose of positive energy, maybe a smile, and tackle what life manages to throw our way. We are in this together. I’ve always felt that way. Women know women, end of story. We all experience different variations and versions, but I swear, we all go through so many of the same thoughts, emotions and feelings. Understand that I am fueled by the energy women emit. Knowing you are joining me in this journey of day to day life, makes me a stronger person for which I am truly grateful. XO, Margie

P.S.  If I don’t know you, consider leaving a note so I can get to know you and where you are from. How much fun would that be? I offer a Haiku for the occasion:

We meet as strangers/Within moments friendships form/And last a lifetime

3 thoughts on “I HAD 69 VISITS ON THE 22ND!

  1. To all of the wonderful, caring, loving, fun women out there, my quote for the week!

    “Friendship, love, health, energy, enthusiasm, and joy are the things that make life worth living and exploring.”
    Denise Austin

  2. Congrats and and thanks for the wine. Just got home after another long day! But pretty successful! And I did not respond to an e-mail as to add to the healing process……..M you know what I mean.

    Enjoying the wine. A little dangerous as I have not packed yet for my Girls short weekend. Going to big Chi town!!!!! Hopefully re-fill my culture bag! Hugs to all of my adopted Sisters!

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