Holy moly bless our solies! Such an 80’s pic huh? Michael always claims I talked him into getting the fro! XO, Margie

6 thoughts on “30 YEARS!

  1. I too hope to make it to 30 years, but then again, I’d be 96. I’ll take whatever the good Lord has in store for us!

  2. Super Duper! A couple that says yes to each other everyday and make a conscious decision to love each other! Yes folks, love is a choice and too often nowadays, love is disposable.

    My hats off to all the couples who CHOOSE to stay a couple. Hugs and cheers!

    Way to go chief blogger and your honey! HUGS

    • Thanks for the kudos my friend. I offer my Haiku about relationships:

      No relationship
      Can boast of being perfect
      And still be honest

      It is much easier to choose to stay a couple, when the bottom line ingredients that make it worth fighting for exist! I have always had that and a husband who loves me more than the day we met. I am so blessed.

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