I have so many fun, bright, attractive, successful, talented, witty, divorced gal pals that I swear I could start a dating service. None of them are looking to get hitched, just would like to find a fun, kind, and most importantly,  STABLE man to date. If I were a man, I would date them all, no shit. They live all over the country and are all in the same boat. What is wrong with this picture? I sometimes wonder if the male equivalents are not looking for the same thing, but the twain never meet. I’m not talking about the ones who lie on their applications to the different dating services on line and locally. Many of my pals, trying to keep an open mind, have tried different avenues only to be set up with weirdos and losers, and, they are charged big bucks for their trouble! Yeesch, it makes me crazy.  I would also like to say how much I respect my friends for having the courage to leave marriages that were caustic for one reason or ten. They have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and moved on. Not an easy task ever. I have watched them grow and blossom as individuals and finally find peace in their hearts. Yahoo for all of you, and you all know who you are. I will keep sending vibes to the cupid of the universe to hit each and every one of you in the ass with an arrow when you least expect it. XOXO Margie

Hope his aim is spot on!


  1. Thank you so much for the tribute Ms Margie! You are so on the ball with this blog….should be posted on all the dating websites.

    You made me larger and better than life! Maybe you should write personal adds!

    Sliced off tip of thumb making soup. Darn mandolin slicer! 4th time I’ve sliced myself! Does wine make cut stop throbbing?

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