I firmly believe that buying a purse is like buying underwear….a very personal choice. We all know what we like, period. However, I happened to pop in to Fossil a couple of weeks ago and found a purse that might interest you. It looks pretty spiffy, comes in great colors, is a nice soft leather and travels well. It has an adjustable strap which can go cross-body, slung over the shoulder or just be hand held. It has many compartments to organize your stuff, large enough to hold a bottle of water even, and everything closes for security. There are two sizes in this style. Mine is the Sutter Large Zip Top. They make a smaller one. I love the look of the big slouch bags, but I never have enough to fill them and it drives me crazy when I have to root around in the bottom of the thing, with no light to guide me and it ends up being a game of where in hell is my cell phone, car keys, etc. So, I though I would pass this along. Margie

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