Okay, it looks like one, but I overworked it a bit today. So easy to do with watercolor. At one point, while I was holding the thing at arms length and trying to look at it with a different perspective, one of my dear classmates, Dale, came by and said, “I think it looks better upside down!” and started to walk away. She was right! It looked better with the top at the bottom. I said “thanks Dale!”. She said, “It takes a village Margie”. I roared. Said I was going to put it in my blog, so I have! That’s the way our class is…we get our two cents in on everything and we all welcome the input! Thank goodness our dear teacher, Diane Smith, loves the lot of us as we are quite a handful. So much fun! Hugs, Margie

One thought on “THAT DAMN ONION!…

  1. Yes, I do Love all of you and you are never a handful but the highlight of my day and Life! Hugs! Step away from the onion……..

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