It means “all things in moderation”. Both of our children graduated from Michigan State (Go Green). In my heart of hearts, I’ve always believed that is the key to living life. Enjoy it all, just in moderation. Michael and I  found a beautiful metal plaque at one of the local fine art fairs years ago, just before our Son headed off to college. His sister followed two years later.  We bought it and hung it in the house they shared during their college years. I must remember this “pearl” as I delve into the world of blogging. My mind is running rampant with thoughts I want to share and feel are pertinent to women the world over. We are the same in so many ways. We live different lives, but women have many common threads. It is my hope that  I am able to weave those common threads into the world’s largest tapestry. Help me make it happen! Hugs, Margie

4 thoughts on “NI QUID NIMIS! WHAT?????

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  2. Margie,

    You should be a life coach so now I want to hire you for 2 jobs one for positivity coach and one for my web page…….I am serious!

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