I’m feeling a bit like this typewriter about now. No time to be creative at the moment, or be one with my camera. A good kind of tired though. Accomplishing lots, with lots left to do. So, I am taking it one day at a time. If I am absent from your comment section or here, you know why. I leave you with this thought:

“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.”
― Anthony G. Oettinger





Not quite, but I’m working on it!! My children flew the coop years ago, so I’m not talking about that kind. It’s about, as you know, purging “stuff”, change, new growth, new adventures, and renewal. Clearly by all of your wonderful, heartfelt comments to my last post, we all experience the need to let go of things at different times in our lives. An ongoing process for most.

I am still standing, LOL, and feeling lighter every day by simplifying my surroundings. Ridding our lives of excess is not for the weak of heart. I am not struggling with what to give up and what to save at this point. But boy, it’s a ton of work going through everything, doing it right the first time. Yes, the “keep” pile remains the smallest and most precious. Isn’t that the way it should be?

It’s all good. I am blessed. Stay tuned. Life marches on. Glad to have you in the band.




Stuff is about ‘what if?’

“What if I miss it, what if it comes back into fashion, what if it becomes a collector’s item, what if I need it when it’s gone?

Our relationship with stuff is highly idiosyncratic. Some people like to hang on to everything they’ve ever acquired in a ramshackle and dishevelled style; others crave minimalism and bare spaces. Some say they are ‘organised’ hoarders; others like to keep everything for a while, then go on throw-away binges. And then there are those who believe ‘junk’ is something they will need a few days later, if they do get rid of it. For them, everything is a resource. No matter our style, ‘stuff’ is what we must deal with—and it’s everywhere.”

OMG! I have been purging “stuff” from our home in anticipation of putting our house on the market in the not too distant future. I was lamenting the endless act of doing so to my pal Charmaine in Australia. She said she is a chucker and her husband is a keeper, and sent me the link to this article, which I included above, photo and all. I love the chucker part of this duo as I feel that is what I am, at least now that I am in purging mode. Here is the bottom line: If you wish to curb your spending habits and quit buying “stuff”, go through every nook and cranny in your house, and figure out what pile it goes in:

-Craig’s List

I can pretty much guarantee, if you are really honest with yourself, and truly aren’t a hoarder, most items will end up in the piles NOT labeled “Keep”.  Try even a small area needing a good weeding out, and see if I’m not spot on. I truly believe there are gnomes that live in the basement and storage areas of our homes that make sure our “stuff” multiplies monthly, heck, maybe even weekly! There is no way I could have accumulated all this crap by myself. I’m lightening the load my friends, and it feels pretty damned good!