A winged twosome from NOLA. It looks like they are “together” to me!


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Author: latebloomerbuds

I am happy as a clam when I am being creative. Writing for this blog, expressing myself through haiku poetry, exploring nature and life through zen eyes, and dabbling in various art mediums, makes my spirit sing.


  1. so sweet!
    thanks for sharing :)

  2. She might be in need of some sugar. Her blood sugar has dropped and he’s desperately trying to find her nourishment. LOLOL Isn’t it funny to create a story from a pix???
    Love this ….

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  4. I like all of the textures in this photograph, and the association of pidgeons with urban areas. Nice!

  5. I agree with Pat, they look like an old couple having a serious discussion. ;) Great find, Margie!

  6. Great entry Margie I love your photo interpretation for this week theme :)

  7. Great photo! What an amusing expression on the right bird’s face.

  8. nice shot, margie! happy weekend, and i’m loving all your nola adventures!

  9. Great capture! LOL, it looks like they just had a lovers’ tiff :)

  10. Great picture. You captured it at perfect time.

  11. Great picture indeed. Nice shoot. Here, i can’t see bird visiting your roof that often.

  12. Nice photo with a nice background…

  13. Yep they are a couple. I think she is straightening and spiffing things up there on their perch and he is all cranky at the straightening and spiffing. I think if she could, she would be running the Hoover!

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  15. Margie, you have shown that pigeons need love too, thanks for sharing this insightful image, MJ

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  17. Love the old bricks and window too!!

  18. Adorable… and they are. ;-)

  19. Perplexed by the sulking spouse? Lovely Margie!

  20. They definitely look like a couple in the middle (or at the end) of a disagreement!

  21. They are but just moody. :D

  22. i think they’re together in a tiff! ha !

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