We haven’t been to New Orleans in two years. We are off to boogie down at  the French Quarter Festival, see good friends, eat muffuletta sandwiches from Central Grocery, and beignets from Cafe du Monde for starters. I think it is safe to say, I will return with photos capturing the essence of this great city. Until Monday, I leave you with a colorful capture, and one of a sassy, and I mean move to the end of the limb to get in my face sassy, squirrel.

Zydeco hugs, Margie

Author: latebloomerbuds

I am happy as a clam when I am being creative. Writing for this blog, expressing myself through haiku poetry, exploring nature and life through zen eyes, and dabbling in various art mediums, makes my spirit sing.

28 thoughts on “THE BIG EASY IS CALLING!

  1. Gotta have a squirrel.

  2. Awesome blog, while you are in New Orleans grab some of that Zydeco magic for me!

  3. Gorgeous colors, Margie, and this squirrel is so cute!

  4. Ooh…how fun! Can’t wait to see your snaps when you return. Such great food and drink there:)

  5. You’re just a little globe trotter aren’t you? Have fun!!

  6. Well, I don’t have to tell you to have a great time – which I know you will! One day we will get down there and so look forward to seeing more of your exciting photos from there. Safe, fun travels!

  7. Have loads of fun Margie :)

  8. Wishing you a truly awesome trip. :)

  9. Have a great time, Margie! You’re right – that is one sassy little squirrel!

  10. Have loads of fun Margie! Never been so I am excited to see your photos when you return.

  11. margie – have a wonderful time! it’s a great place to visit. can’t wait to see your photos.

  12. Have a Blast!

  13. Have fun TRAVEL GIRL! Are you coming to Class? I hope so we need your ENERGY! XOXOXO

  14. This is amazing photograph, I am talking about first one! The colours hit… I loved it dear Margie, and and what a lovely one, looking at you, and me too :) you are amazing. Thank you, with my love, nia

  15. So, are you going to be doing some dancing to zydeco? I love muffulettas :lol: Have a wonderful time! Bye! Have fun! See ya later!! Vacations are so much fun~the FOOD! That little Fox Squirrel is a cutie but you are lucky he didn’t come right on down and yank your camera out of your hands and take a picture of YOU!

  16. Remember the crickets or katydids in the morning and the clip-clop of horses hoofs on the street. It’s been over 25 years

  17. you shot the squirrel portrait very well!

  18. Sounds wonderful! Have a great time!

  19. Wow, New Orleans. That’s a nice destination for your trip. Enjoy, Margie! By the way, the squirrel pic is cute. :D

  20. how fun! that squirrel click is brilliant! :)

  21. Have a great trip. Look forward to the photos.

  22. have fun, i remember New Orleans well and look forward to seeing some new views from you :)

  23. what a cute little guy!!! enjoy yet another trip to another city full of culture! :)

  24. I would love to go to New Orleans. My beloved Wildcats play down there so much we call Blue Orleans. If I could have only been there for the big game. Mardis Gras wouldn’t be too shabby, either.

    I can’t wait to see the photos.


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