My Haiku to You cards are artistically arranged by me, every single one so no two are alike in design, making them one -of-a-kind treasures. I have just started to stock my etsy shop shelves with Haiku to You cards for every occasion. I would love for you to pop in and see what’s up and if you are inclined to, check back frequently as I continue to create special treasures for all to enjoy.

This challenge provided the perfect moment for me to relaunch my shop, Haiku to You, and, it really does fit the theme! Yippee!

Creative hugs, Margie

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Author: latebloomerbuds

I am happy as a clam when I am being creative. Writing for this blog, expressing myself through haiku poetry, exploring nature and life through zen eyes, and dabbling in various art mediums, makes my spirit sing.


  1. Beautiful! And neatly arranged. :D

  2. Great photos and thoughts for the theme,
    Your cards are charming and your haiku is lovely.
    I wish you the best of success with your shop! :)

  3. I love your cards… they are beautiful… :-)

  4. you’ve produced wonderful artists cards!

  5. Such a beautiful picture Margie and I just came back from a stroll through your lovely card shop. Your cards are every bit as beautiful as I thought they would be! I will be returning to your shop when it isn’t so early in the morning :)

    • Aw Pix, thank you so much. I really appreciate you popping in to take a look see. I hope to keep adding selections several times a week until I get a HUGE selection. Goodness knows, I have plenty of haiku to fit every occasion and then some!

  6. these are gorgeous!
    perfect for the post, too. thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Margie! I had no idea you have an etsy shop! I love etsy! How did I miss this? I’m so glad you mentioned it.
    I love your cards. Yours are beautiful, elegant and serene. I’m going to trot to etsy tomorrow!
    I made cards for years, but they were never as nice as yours! I still have templates, stamps, homemade papers, etc. I must clean things out! ;)

    • Judy, you are a gem. Thank you so much. Being creative is so good for the soul. My haiku line is very near and dear to my heart. I’ve been selling them for years at Golden Door Spa in California, and my Zen Eyes Photo Cards too. It is a very, very special place to me.

  8. These look lovely Margie!

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  10. Absolutely beautiful! Your cards are just lovely and it’s awesome to see another creative side of your work.

  11. Wow! I love your cards, you are so good at this!

  12. I love these Margie! Will be heading to the shop right now! Thanks so much! You have your hands into everything and it is so great to see it!

  13. Ah haiku….

    Five sit on the top,
    While seven reside right here
    And five on bottom.

  14. Margie, nice work and thanks for sharing, MJ

  15. How clever and how attractive. You certainly have an eye for colour and design!

  16. I love your cards, delighted to see your new post!

  17. These are sooo beautiful!! You’re a wonderful artiste!!

  18. I hadn’t checked out your etsy shop before, and let me tell you, I think you’re cards are unique and beautiful. Thanks for leading me there. SE

  19. Very pretty and feminine!

  20. This photo challenge came at a great time for you to promote your Etsy shop. Your cards look wonderful!

  21. really sweet and very creative, margie. :)

    • Thanks T. I’m so funny about promoting my shop on my blog, but the timing was great!

      • i totally get that. i get squeamish just giving a drawing away each month – couldn’t bring myself to try to sell anything. sheesh!

      • You could though T. Your drawings are so great, but I understand. I am so tickled with my haiku line and love having a shop, but sensitive to bombarding my readers with promotions. I do feel having my shop listing at the top of my blog, and mentioning new items here and there, as an add on to my regular posts, is reasonable. Fingers crossed my shop thrives without constant fanfare.

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