Hmmm, how about can’t launch as they are struck in the ice? I got excited for a moment and thought the challenge was lunch! Oh well, Margie

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Author: latebloomerbuds

I am happy as a clam when I am being creative. Writing for this blog, expressing myself through haiku poetry, exploring nature and life through zen eyes, and dabbling in various art mediums, makes my spirit sing.


  1. At least lunch is close to launch. Carol told me it was launch and after a couple of days I somehow changed it to explosion. Oy!

  2. Lunch would have been great. Of course food is always a good choice… Is it really that cold where you are already? Wow. (And nice shot – the colour in the canoe/kayak really great contrast to the cold)

  3. love ‘em – i had the same thought about lunch

  4. nice interpretation

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  6. Great photo, it looks like the little red and yellow one is trying to escape.. or launch maybe?

  7. LOL! I will take the lunch please, and leave the ice for someone else! (Great shot!)

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  11. Ice lake! Wont find that in asia :)

  12. love it. winter is great (until february or march). my first week back at school went just fine. tiring, but great. have a wonderful weekend!

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  14. Hello, just found a link on the photo of the week challenge. Your blog is really beautifully presented…I am still working on that ( messy bedroom syndrome), Great photo too!

  15. Lol Margie! This is too cold for me I hearby challenge you to blog a nice HOT lunch!

  16. You could probably launch yourself on that ice with some ice skates. I would launch myself probably face down because I would fall.

  17. It`s so much fun to wait both winter and summer nice post Latebloomerbuds :)

  18. lol Cool take on ‘launch’. Great photo for the challenge. :)

  19. LOL … great shot of them … now you’ve made me hungry.

  20. hehe the ‘lunch’ comment made me laugh. Great shot too :)

  21. hahaha….you made me laugh! Lunch would be good too.These boats are seriously stuck, aren’t they?

  22. Ready and waiting for the spring launch, great fun! Am with you on the lunch thought!

  23. LOL!!!!!!!

  24. excellent, love the stranded boats and the idea of lunch, ha ha!

  25. Love this! Put a smile on my face =]

  26. ha ha! silly girl!

  27. Works for me! This is “launch” creativity!

  28. Right outta the gate. Showoff. Love this. Very original.

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